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How to Convert PDF to PS

AXPDF PDF to Image Converter helps you convert all formats of PDF files into commonly usable image formats, include PDF to PS and other image formats.

Please follow this manual to convert PDF to PS file.

  1. Convert PDF to PS format:

    From the "Option" column there is "Output Type" category, please click on the dropdown list of the "Output Type" and choose "PS format" as you are going to get PS images.

  2. PS quality settings – PostScript language level:
    • 1, Convert all images to black and white. Output image is significantly larger if contains images.
    • 1,5 All colors are converted to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black)).
    • 2, Supports color images and image compression. This is the default setting.
    • 2,5 Upgrade level of level 2, better handling custom (spot) colors.
    • 3, This enables all Level 2 features, introduced better color handling.
  3. Multi-page PS:

    Default converts one PDF into one PS file with multiple pages.

  4. Press "Convert" to start converting.

    When the PS file is successfully created, it will be saved to the specified output folder and a pop-up dialogue box will ask if you would like to open the output folder