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aXmag - PDF to Flash Converter

AXPDF PDF to Flash converter lets you get rid of plain PDF pages and DIY your own dynamic online magazine, digital magazine. Forget about scrolling endlessly in PDF readers, flipping pages and have fun in reading.

Why PDF to Flash Converter?

It's because we are using vector technology, vector files are very much smaller and much faster to transfer via network, and, it will be always highest quality even magnify limitlessly. See comparison details:

AXPDF uses Vector solution Others are Raster type output
Original PDF size at 308KB,
Created Online magazine file at 779KB
Download example
Same original PDF size at 308KB,
Created Online magazine file at 5.23 MB
(7 times the size of AXPDF solution)
1M connection, downloading takes: 0.78 Sec 1M connection, downloading takes: 5.23 Sec
Always highest quality on both text and icons:

Blurry for all texts and icons:

Key Features

  • Convert PDF into Flash files including:
    Digital magazines, online magazines, digital catalogs, flash magazine, online manuals, interactive flyers, reports, whitepapers, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, flipping photo albums and other digital documents in PDF formats.
  • Page flip simulating:
    Feel ease flipping the online e-book and have fun in reading.
  • Quick loading e-pages:
    Pages are processed for high speed online loading, with few seconds all pages will be cashed. No snoring waiting for pages loading.
  • Zoom viewing with variable resolution:
    Zoom dynamic, zoom in, zoom all, zoom out, either way and pan pages to view details.
  • Hyperlinks detective:
    Automatically detect http links in PDF and create hyperlinks in SWF.
  • Stand-alone version:
    Works independently of Adobe PDF reader and other 3rd party viewers.
  • Compatible with iOS:
    HATML5 output is now featured and users can read the page flipping book on iOS devices now.
  • Compatible with mobile devices:
    Since other mobile devices are flash files supported, so the converted files can be read on all mobile devices.

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